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I’m Sara the founder of “The Liquid Wanderer” Mobile tap bars on wheels!   I have always loved throwing parties and I have been in the hospitality business since 2001! First as a bartender and then to the sales side! I come from a very creative family my sister Joana is an artist. My brother Joe lives in CT and does audio tech.  I am Originally from Long Island, NY and now live in PHX, AZ. I moved here Jan of 2020 and then the world basically ended in March. I started doing brokering work for some liquor brands which I love but, on the weekends, I was really looking for something fun to do. Moving to a new state its always hard to make friends right away so for me throwing parties was the best opportunity. After many virtual happy hours with my friends from home my one friend Kristin, a wedding planner in Denver & Arizona (forget me knot weddings) was telling me all about the mobile bar business, I started checking it out and now here we are! I am a very detail-oriented person and when I put my mind to something I give it my all! My team and I are excited to share in your most special moments.

Fun with the Perch Drink Wall


The Experts

The Liquid Wanderer is a team of seasoned experts who know how to navigate the pitfalls of event planning. Rather than deal with headaches, stress, and frustration on your own, you can lean on The Liquid Wanderer to conquer each problem as it comes so that you can remember your events for enjoyable it truly is.

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We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service. Every single one of our planned event experiences promises to be an occasion like none you’ve ever experienced. We work tirelessly on your behalf so that you can enjoy the event as though it were for ourselves. Don’t settle for less. Choose The Liquid Wanderer today.

Need the help of the experts to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch? Give us a call for all of your event planning needs!