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Mobile Bars

Our collection of mobile bars is a tribute to the avian world, each named after a distinct species of bird, embodying elegance and diversity. From the majestic Arctic Owl to the rustic charm of The Raven, every bar bears the name of a feathered inspiration. Notably, Saras grandmother’s fondness for hummingbirds is honored with a logo featuring this enchanting creature perched on a tap handle, symbolizing grace and agility. Beyond the world of mobile bars, our commitment to avian welfare shines through, as a portion of all sales contributes to the local non-profit, Ginger’s Parrot. This dedication reflects not only a passion for crafted beverages but also a genuine love for the beauty and
well-being of our feathered friends.

Rufous Mobile Tap Scooter

The 1975 Vespa mobile bar exudes timeless elegance with its captivating bluish gray hue, reminiscent of the open sky at dusk. Its sleek vintage design effortlessly blends nostalgia with modern utility. Two meticulously crafted tap handles stand proudly, promising an array of libations. This charming mobile bar is not confined to traditional spirits; it possesses the versatility to batch artisan cocktails, refreshing mocktails, or even dispense a smooth cold brew with a touch of finesse. Whether cruising through the streets or parked at an event, this Vespa mobile bar is a symbol of sophistication and a harbinger of delightful, customized beverages.

(4 Hours) $150 for each additional hour
Up to 65 guests
(for each additional person $20pp)
$1500 plus 20% Gratuity

*All points of entry must be 5 feet wide to fit no stairs needs an outlet 

The Raven

The Raven bar offers a warm embrace of rustic charm, transporting patrons to the enchanting world of a speakeasy. Crafted from rich, weathered wood, the bar exudes a timeless and inviting ambiance. The rough-hewn textures and earthy tones create an intimate, cozy setting reminiscent of a bygone era. The subtle lighting casts a soft glow, accentuating the bar’s vintage allure. With its name, The Raven, there’s a mysterious and captivating element, inviting guests to step into a hidden world of camaraderie and spirited conversations. This woodsy, rustic haven is not just a bar; it’s an immersive experience, where the echoes of history and the promise of good times converge in perfect harmony.

(4 hours) $150 each additional hour

$1400 Plus 20% Gratuity up to 65 guests
over 65 guests $20pp

Anna Vespa Mobile Tap Bar

Anna, your exquisite Piaggo Ape bar, is a vision of elegance and sophistication. The pristine white exterior, adorned with gold accents, radiates timeless beauty, capturing attention and admiration. With four tap handles poised for action, Anna promises a selection of premium beverages served with grace. What sets her apart is not just her stunning appearance but her electric versatility, gracefully transitioning from indoor events to outdoor soirées. A wine fridge and ice chest, seamlessly integrated, ensure a constant flow of perfectly chilled libations. Anna isn’t just a bar; she’s a symbol of refined luxury, combining style, mobility, and functionality to elevate any event into a truly memorable experience.

(4 hours) ($150 hour each additional hour)

Up to 65 guests ($20 per person each additional)

$1,600 plus 20% Gratuity $150 each additional hour

*Anna requires 5ft width and no stairs must have outlet

*She is Battery operated so she saves energy and can go inside of venues!! (outlet required for draft system) 4 Tap Handles , Wine Fridge and Ice chest

The White Dove

The White Dove bar exudes an air of timeless sophistication with its pristine, all-white aesthetic. Classic and elegant, this traditional-looking bar stands as a beacon of refinement at any event. The sleek design, adorned in a pristine white finish, creates a sense of purity and simplicity. The bar counter, smooth and gleaming, is a canvas ready to host a spectrum of libations. The White Dove name adds a touch of grace, evoking a sense of purity and tranquility. It’s not merely a bar; it’s a symbol of understated elegance, providing a chic backdrop for social gatherings and creating an atmosphere of refined charm.

(4 hours) $150 each additional hour

$1400 Plus 20% Gratuity up to 65 guests

 $20pp for each additional guest

Parrot Tiki Bar

Our fun tiki bar is a vibrant oasis of tropical joy, radiating lively colors and exuberant vibes. Adorned with bamboo accents, tiki speakers, and whimsical tiki masks, it instantly transports guests to a carefree paradise. The The bar itself is a focal point, showcasing an array of exotic drink ingredients, garnishes, and colorful umbrellas. With a backdrop of tropical tunes and the aroma of fresh fruit, your tiki bar is not just a beverage station but a captivating experience that turns any event into a spirited celebration.

(4 hours) $150 each additional hour

$1400 plus 20% Gratuity up to 65 guests

Each additional guest $18pp

Artic Owl Frozen Bar

The Arctic Owl bar is a striking masterpiece, resembling a three-dimensional iceberg with a pristine white exterior that evokes the frigid beauty of polar landscapes. Its design is a testament to both elegance and innovation. The bar’s contours mimic the graceful slopes of ice formations, creating a visually captivating experience. Inside this frozen oasis, mixologists craft an array of icy delights, including the signature Frozen Espresso Martini. The Arctic Owl stands not just as a bar but as an immersive destination where the crisp aesthetic seamlessly blends with the chill of expertly crafted frozen concoctions, offering a unique and refreshing experience for all who venture into its cool embrace.

$1,300 for 300, 8oz Frozen drinks ($4.33 per drink)

$250 Rental and Delivery fee plus 20% Gratuity

Osprey Mimosa Bar

Introducing the Osprey Mimosa Bar, a versatile and charming addition to your event. With a sleek hedge material wood top, it exudes a rustic yet sophisticated appeal. The star of the show is, of course, the mimosa station, where bubbly meets fresh citrus in a symphony of flavors. But what sets the Osprey apart is its customizable exterior, allowing you to choose your own sign and unleash your creativity. Whether it’s a whimsical theme, a personalized message, or a brand logo, this bar transforms into a canvas for your imagination. The Osprey Mimosa Bar is not just about serving drinks; it’s about creating a unique and visually captivating experience tailored to your vision and the spirit of the occasion.

(4 Hours) up to 65 guests 

Each additional guest $15pp

$1400 plus 20% Gratuity

The Perch (Drink Wall)

Behold The Perch, a captivating hedge wall that elevates your event to new heights. With lush greenery creating a natural backdrop, this unique addition seamlessly integrates with any package, adding a touch of sophistication. The Perch is not merely a wall; it’s a functional and interactive element of your event. It serves up cocktails and mocktails, and with purpose-built holders, guests can effortlessly take their preferred libation from the wall. Wine glasses and champagne flutes find a stylish home, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The Perch is a botanical masterpiece, combining practicality with a visually stunning display, ensuring that every sip becomes a memorable moment at your event.

(Drink Wall) Add on Only not available by itself.

Bloody Mary Michelada Bar

Step into the bold and flavorful world of our Bloody Mary Michelada Bar, where taste takes center stage. The vibrant array of ingredients invites you to craft your perfect concoction. Rich tomato juices mingle with zesty spices, ready to be paired with your choice of beer for that distinctive Michelada twist. Fresh garnishes, including celery sticks, pickles, and citrus wedges, add layers of complexity and visual appeal. The bar is a sensory experience, with the bold colors and aromas promising a fusion of tangy, savory, and refreshing notes. Whether you prefer it spicy or mild, our Bloody Mary Michelada Bar is a dynamic and customizable adventure in every glass, bringing a lively and spirited atmosphere to any event.

$1,200 plus 20% Gratuity up to 65 guests

Each additional guest $18pp

Trixie the Swan ( Horse Trailer)

Trixie the Swan, your horse trailer mobile bar, is a vision of rustic charm and practical elegance. Adorned in a pristine white exterior, she stands out with grace and simplicity at big outdoor events. The classic horse trailer design adds a touch of nostalgia, creating a unique focal point for any gathering. Inside, a well-equipped refrigerator ensures a steady supply of chilled beverages, enhancing the experience for guests. Trixie is not just a bar; she’s a mobile haven of hospitality, effortlessly combining functionality with a quaint aesthetic, making her the perfect companion for memorable outdoor celebrations.

( Horse Trailer) 4 Hours each additional hour $250

$2,000 plus 20% Gratuity up to 65 guests

Over 65 guests $20pp

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